Editing email templates for prestashop

Editing email templates for prestashop

I recently solved for one client how to modify the bankwire e-mail template, in_transit (shipment on the way) and more .. I think it might be useful for someone, but I have it checked only for the version of prestashop 1.6 .

How to edit templates in prestashop?

I needed to get a detailed order in other templates.

By default, you can copy the html code to another email template, but the details will not be copied to the email. That was my problem.

How did I fix it?

Changes you can use in a template

Download this order OrderHistory.php file to enable you to use any customized email template to create an order detail.

Upload this file here:

PRESTASHOP_HOME / override / classes / order / here

Here are the variables you can use

































{date} {carrier}









I hope this article will also help

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