Why choose presashop?

Why choose presashop?

PrestaShop is a system that allows you to start faster and cheaper with on-line sales. More than 250,000 e-shops currently operate on this system, and developers and developers are developing the system and add-ons.

Due to the specifics of the Czech market, the use of the system has been unsuitable until recently, but developers are already beginning to appear in the Czech Republic to help you modify the business and allow Czech service such as Heureka, Zboží.cz and so on. This will give you more freedom and independence from one contractor.

Great support and ready-to-use templates with a look will help you to start lowering production costs and investing more in marketing. Later costs may be higher, especially if there are more individual adjustments. It is therefore necessary to consider the entire e-shop development strategy, or to consider the transition to tailored solutions.

Since it is an opensource, there are more system attacks, therefore high-quality web hosting with frequent backups and frequent system updates is important.

When planning the look of an e-shop, you can choose from many different quality templates or have your own design ready. The advantage of solving the individual appearance is the use of Smarty's advanced template system.

PrestaShop may not be appropriate if you are planning many individual edits, such as an individual ordering system, and so on. In this case, it is more appropriate to use straightforward solutions.


Beware, PrestaShop basically "does not know much" and all other modules are paid. For exact calculation, you need to determine which modules you will need. Please contact us, we will advise you which modules are actually used in the Czech Republic and have an impact on sales growth.

PrestaShop's Basic Features

Unlimited Product Catalog, Ordering System and Order Option with Basic Transfers and Payments that Do not Require Special Editing.

PrestaShop Extras

  • Other Templates - Appearance Versions
  • export to Heureka, Zbozi.cz, or other comparators
  • card payments
  • delivery of Czech Post Office, Post Office, DPD, etc. (systems retrieve data from vendors)

    See what you can do with e-shop in tailor-made documentation or the e-shop rental pricelist.


    Strategy Preparation

    • market analysis, demand and competition
    • marketing strategies
    • Specify the e-shop technical specification
    • Layout design or template selection

      Appearance and speed of the e-shop

      • select a template or edit a template
      • individual graphic design
      • encoding html / css templates
      • template speed optimization

        System Preparation

        • Installation and system setup by input
        • Link to accounting or economic software (Pohoda, Money S3, and others as needed)
        • Data import (one-time or regular)
        • Traffic settings (Czech Post, PPL, DPD, Stowage, Postbox, Geis)
        • setting payment options (Convert, Cash, PayPal, GoPay, PayU, GP webpay)
        • payments by installments (Cetelem, HomeCredit, Essox)
        • prepare outputs for comparators (Heureka, Goods.cz and others)

          Individual programming

          • module individualization
          • Development of custom modules
          • individual calculators, specials

            Testing and Measurement

            • check the right settings and fill
            • Measurement settings including Google Analytics ecommerce

              Training and Support

              • operator training
              • training for encoders and programmers
              • ongoing support, quick change and editing
              • Analysis of Statistics Improvements

                INTERNET MARKETING

                In addition to consulting or introducing some channels such as comparators, PPC systems can order a complete power-based internet marketing solution.

                • commodity comparators (deployment, optimization)
                • SEO - search engine optimization
                • PPC campaigns (Sklik, AdWords, Facebook)
                • social networks
                • e-mailing


                  We have more than 100 e-shops of different sizes. Currently, a team of 30 people takes care of our customers, with approximately half of them focused on production and development, and the other half for fast service, SEO and other Internet marketing channels.

                  When designing and implementing PrestaShop, we focus on the right technical setup so that after sales growth, you can easily switch to a different technical solution that will require high work efficiency and reduce operator costs.


                  The Presta e-shop prepares a great deal on the basis of the necessary service, template selection and accessories. Please contact us for a complete offer.

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